The Maffra and District Car Club offers affordable, introductory-level motorsport opportunities for both junior and senior drivers.

Affiliated with Motorsport Australia, the Club hosts a Junior Development Program (JDP) to teach young drivers the basics of car control in a safe, controlled environment.

Volunteer instructors guide participants in Club-provided vehicles, helping them develop essential driving skills to prepare for future road use and promote safer driving.

The Junior Driver Development program is designed for 12 to 17-year-olds to learn basic car control with an instructor in the car at all times.

Held at the Boisdale Hillclimb complex, these sessions focus on safety and include various car control tests. 

The club conducts 3 of these sessions per year.

To be part of the program you must be:

To find out when the next Junior Development Program Day is being held, contact Chris on 0409 007 628